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Current Operative Profiles In order of date joined.

Age: 23
Class: Natural
Role: Hacker, Inventor, Resident Brainiac
Hobbies: Inventing (Weapons, computer parts, cybertronic cat-collars...)
Strengths: Intelligence, Inventions
Weaknesses: Workaholic Tendencies

"Would all of you shut the hell up so I can pirate this software in peace?!"

Hiru grew up in a colony in what was once Ontario. He excelled in the colony's classic education system, showing himself to be something of a child prodigy. He managed to design a different piece of technology at every science fair, becoming one of the few colonists to use computers after the fall of the Organization. He moved to the Krysia area after hearing of the massive computer network left over from pre-Organization times, and started setting up business with Liz and Daemon.

To know: Hiru is often considered the founder of the group. Many outsiders call the team "Hiru Operations," since they don't have a name for themselves.

Age: 24
Class: Natural
Role: Special Ops Agent, Mediator
Hobbies: Collecting Music, Dancing
Strengths: People Skills, Toughness
Weaknesses: Self-Set High Expectations

"Time to put on your ass-kicking faces, boys. We're going in."

Liz was born into a family working under the Organization. When she was two years old, the Organization fell and her family was forced into hiding. As a result, Liz spent her childhood out in the open anarchy of Old New York, away from the stability of a colony. Her youth was spent fighting off thieves and haggling with the occasional traveling merchant for necessities. After the deaths of her parents (illness, of all things), she stayed holed up. Hiru came across her on a scouting mission and the two started working together.

To know: Liz can get a little sensitive about her femininity, especially as she's the only female of the lot.

Age: 27
Class: Perfect
Role: Hitman
Hobbies: Martial Arts
Strengths: Focus, Strength, Speed, Stamina, Intelligence... Just about everything, actually... (He is a Perfect.)
Weaknesses: Angst, Cold Tendencies

"Aside from the looming threat of imminent death, I see nothing to get worked up about."

Daemon is the sixth and last created under "Project Perfect." Along with the other Perfects, he was created to be the ultimate fighter, with super-human strength, speed, intelligence, agility, and just about everything else. Daemon was only five when the Organization fell; the eldest Perfect, at ten years old, attempted to watch over the other five, but a raid put an end to that. After that, Daemon skipped from foster home to foster home. He'd been working freelance for years before meeting Hiru and Liz.

To know: Echo is the only one who can make him smile. Aw...

Class: Pyrokinetic
Role: Hitman
Hobbies: Flirting, Cooking (though not well)
Strengths: Easygoing Personality, Sense of Humor
Weaknesses: Quick Tongue

"Ah, come on... You know I'm adorable."

Born in a large GAO colony near Old New York, Hanabi developed his powers alongside hundreds of other budding GAOs. Because he lacked the power for more than basic fireballs, he was often the victim of bullying and pranks. However, in one of his hiding places, he came across the ancient art of gunpowder, and has been perfecting his explosives ever since. He ran away from the colony at age 15 and worked odd jobs for a while. Then, while working as a guard for a merchant caravan, he met Liz, flirted with her, got beaten up by her, and signed on to the team.

To know: He and Liz did date briefly, until she caught him flirting with a delivery boy. Ever since, he's had a healthy fear of her wrath.

Class: Telepath
Role: Healing, Intelligence
Hobbies: Meditating, Sewing (>_<)
Strengths: Medicine, General Kind-heartedness
Weaknesses: Emotional Instability, Telepathic Sensitivity

"Please stop brooding. Your incessant aura of angst is giving me a headache."

Adlais (Echo) was born into a family of psychic-class GAOs. His three older sisters were telekinetics (able to move things with their minds), so his parents were surprised when his telepathic powers developed. From childhood, Echo had trouble controling his powers, often becoming overwhelmed by the strength of others' thoughts and emotions. His parents tried moving to empty countryside, but even that failed to stop him from becoming more unstable. Eventually, a stray thought from his father caused him to lose control and strike out. Echo left the next day, hoping to become a hermit. Daemon found him wandering, lost and confused, and stabilized him long enough to bring him to Hiru.

To know: Echo is very hesitant about skin-to-skin contact (because of his powers). The only person he's comfortable touching is stable-minded Daemon.

Age: Unknown
Class: Demonic Winged
Role: Special Ops Agent, Assassin
Hobbies: Old Card Games
Strengths: Precision, Stealth
Weaknesses: Unforgiving Personality

"You have ten seconds to live. Don't waste it."

Puma is very closed about his personal history. "Puma" is almost certainly a pseudonym, making it impossible to trace his past. It is suspected that he is older than he looks, judging by his easy knowledge of Organization backstories. His eye was lost a long time ago (judging by his unhindered flight patterns) in a fight, and his chains could be from some sort of imprisonment, although where or why is unknown.

To know: Unlike most "winged" types, Puma can's retract or hide his wings at will. This means he's probably a very old model.

Age: 17
Class: Natural
Role: Sniper
Hobbies: Reading (action genre)
Strengths: Anything to do with shooting things
Weaknesses: Temper, Family Name

"A little to the left... No... Hold still, dammit!"

Gavin is the only child of the notorious Adrian McCoy. As a boy, Gavin lived with whoever his father happened to be sleeping with at the time. This lack of parental guidance left him plenty of time to experiment with his father's guns. When Adrian was gunned down, Gavin took it upon himself to continue the name of McCoy, and signed on with the others to get his foot in the door.

To know: His aim is exceptional, even though he always sells himself short.

Age: 14
Class: Feline
Role: Acrobat, Annoying Mascot
Hobbies: Exploring, Tinkering with Odd Projects, Annoying Gavin
Strengths: Agility, Cleverness (Often hidden but actually quite exceptional)
Weaknesses: Curiosity, Penchant for Mischief

"A missing data drive? Don't know what you're talking about... By the way, if you had a six-digit personal password, what would it be?"

Neko is a subscriber to the "what's done is done" mantra. Therefore, questions about his past are usually turned aside with a shrug or a grin. Judging by certain odd skills he has picked up somewhere (lockpicking, voice throwing, and hiding in odd places), he was a thief before Hanabi found him. And, judging by his skills, he was a good one.

To know: Neko likes to be amused more than anything, and Gavin, with his quick temper, often proves an easy target. His constant bid to stave off boredom is what gets him into trouble so often.

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