Transmission Date: 03-26-2007

And another one bites the dust. I hoped the time off would refresh me, but it only cemented my resolution. Sorry it came to this.

If you want to read the rest of the story, I've written a summary of the rest, in the link above. Every one of those paragraphs is about a chapter's worth, trimmed down. You can see why I was intimidated, I think.

Sorry guys. There's not much else to say.

Transmission Date: 02-26-2007


Last Friday, I finally hit the wall. If you've been reading the rants, you'll notice that I've been worried about "burning out" for quite some time. Well, it's happened. I'm burned out. As of Friday morning, I just could not finish another page. I physically couldn't draw it. I realized... this isn't fun for me anymore, and hasn't been for a while. I love you guys, and I love the story... but I can't keep going like this.

So I'm taking a month off. In that time, I will decide the fate of O:N. To be honest... it doesn't look good. I'm seriously pondering putting it on the dreaded "h" word.

You're welcome to give me input on the tagboard, or even the forum (as dead as it is), but I can't guarantee that any amount of protest will change my mind.

I can say one thing, though. I've read far too many comics that cut off right in the middle, so I won't do that. On March 22nd, you will get something. At least a summary. Perhaps I can write out a full prose version of the rest of the story, maybe even with a couple pictures. Or maybe O:N will start up right where it left off as a comic... we'll see.

Until March 22nd, take care.

Transmission Date: 02-16-2007

And now, it's Iffy Science Time! Any geologists out there, don't bother to correct me... I know it's not very realistic... but it's feasible. And, really, that's all that matters in sci-fi.

Honestly, it's a comic about genetically engineered catboys and pyrokinetics... did you expect it to be scientifically sound? Huzzah for suspension of disbelief.

Transmission Date: 12-15-2006

Okay, you're paranoid. You have a right to be. What am I trying to pull, right?

Here's the brunt of it: I love this coloring style, honestly I do. It's much prettier than my last one, and it's perfect for cover pages and art. However, doing it with every update, I can already feel myself beginning to burn out. And I'd rather do something about it now than crash spectacularly a month hence. And I certainly won't go back to my previous style. So, I figure a change of pace is in order.


Starting Monday the 18th, I'm switching the comic back to black and white. Flat black and white, no shading. I'll probably burn out on this, too, after a while, but at least we'll have gotten through a considerable chunk of the story by that point.

You see, I've written ahead, through about half the story, and the sheer amount of it is overwhelming. So overwhelming that I doubt I could finish it as it's currently going. So, this solution solves both the coloring-burnout problem and the omgthisthingissofrickinglong-burnout problem, both of which have been hovering over my head for a while. I refuse to put O:N on haitus, so this is a reasonable solution, I feel.

Happy Holidays..

Transmission Date: 11-17-2006

This page shall go down in O:N history as :the one that proves why I hate coloring backgrounds." That top panel took me waaaay too long for how little it is, and it doesn't even look that good. Grawr.

Here, we've got a bit of Gavin being an ansty teen, leaving poor Echo to do the packmuling. For those with a keen eye, you may spot some comic creater cameos, particularly crowdies based off of Robin Pierce, Claude TC,and Dusan J... oh, I can't spell it--the guy who does Legostar Galactica, Humbug's version. Oh, and that woman in the second panel may or may not be Cookie. Not that they're particularly accurate, since I didn't have a computer nearby to get the avatars right at the time, but I needed crowdies and those were the first that came to my mind.

I've been getting some positive feedback about the new coloring style, and, frankly, I like it too. Already, I'm looking back at my old stuff and shuddering. So I'll be using it for as long as I can (until I burn out), because, heck, we all like pretty colors.

Transmission Date: 10-27-2006

It's been a while since I've ranted, so here we go:

First, sorry about the late update on Tuesday. Comic Genesis was having some technical difficulties. But, hey, it's free: you get what you pay for.

I'm going to be giving this new coloring technique a shot this chapter. It takes a little bit longer, but I'd say the result is well worth it. Since I only update twice a week, I can afford to try as hard as I can to make the art worthwhile.

Transmission Date: 07-26-2006

I've got a bit of something new planned... a possible side project that's been baking inside my head for a while. Head on over to the forums to check it out. It doesn't take much effort to sign up, so please do and post something if you have anything to say about it.

Once again, thank you everyone still checking in every week. We'll be back to two a week in September, I swear.

Transmission Date: 06-16-2006

This is the last big group of people I'll hit you with. Once again, you don't have to remember any of them until I hit you over the head with them a couple more times. All you need to know (that they're scientists holed up in a lab is the extent of it) will be available in the profiles section... once I have a chance to fiddle with it.

Many thanks to those of you still hanging in there. You all get virtual fudge!

Transmission Date: 05-26-2006

Today's comic has been delayed due to that great enemy of all webcomics: ARTIST PROCRASTINATION.

I'd intended to finish the comic last night after work (New job. Yay.) but, honestly, I was just too exhausted. It'll be up tomorrow, or I'll have to do something really extravagant to make up for it.

Transmission Date: 04-11-2006

Does anyone remember a while back when I said I wouldn't be introducing new characters for a while? Well, a while has passed. You're about to be bombarded with more new characters than you can rightfully be expected to know. As such, I am admitting now that I do not expect you to remember all these new characters until I've slapped you over the head with them a few more times. I'll try to update the Profiles page with every new update to help you keep track of the insanity until we get back to the main group.

But on that note, please don't ask me to stop showing them, either. Introducing them early is a technique I use for characterization. It gets you used to them. So sit tight, and try to enjoy the ride.

Either that, or flame me on my new forum! (Oh, I am subtle..)

Transmission Date: 03-22-2006

I've gotten a forum. Yay! I'd urge everyone to go check it out, but I know most of you won't, just because that's how this sort of thing works for comics this young. I've got it so it requires you to sign up before posting anything, which I know most people don't like. But I don't want too much spam, and hopefully that will cut down on any...

Will it help if I promise to love for eternity anyone who joins the forum?

Transmission Date: 03-10-2006

*Points to the top of the page, right under the title.* You see that? It's correct! I've managed to find a way to update twice a week! It's only temporary right now--a bit of an experiment to see if I can do it while maintaining my grades and whatnot--so there's a chance I may switch back to the once-a-week schedule. Believe when I say that I definitely do not want that to happen. Let's hope I can pull this off, for all our sakes!

Transmission Date: 02-14-2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Once again, Tehqueen has proven herself, by submitting no less than FOUR pieces of fanart! (One's pending for reformatting) Allow me a moment to huggle this amazing girl. *huggles*

Transmission Date: 02-04-2006

I got some fanart this evening! Man, this is good for the ego...

I give you, Puma! Queen, you may have some competition. ;)

The artist of this piece is none other than Arcadia of Circle Arcadia. If you like shoujo, check it out!

As you may have noticed, I updated some of the images, mainly in the buttons and profiles page. Tinkered with the layout. Generally messed with the site. Also, I've added a FAQs page. I like to think that's making progress.

Finally, I'd like to repeat the "forum" question in my last rant. Post your thoughts on the tagboard, and receive virtual fudge!

Transmission Date: 02-03-2006

Magnus' model changes around a bit, I know. In this shot, his features seem more aristocratic. I rather like it, but anyone who felt attached to his earlier look is free to leave flaming comments on my tagboard.

For a while now, I've been considering getting a forum. It would make lengthy announcements easier to say, and allow for some discussion. Or something. However, I'm not sure I have the traffic for that. At least, not the "more than casual glance" type traffic. What do you guys think? If I got a forum, who would post?

Transmission Date: 01-27-2006

My gallery is getting quite the attention lately! I may have to add something I drew in there! Xavier from Tan Socks did a piece as a bit of thank-you art. ^_^ Personally, I love that comic. It's funny, and so weird. I'll definitely be adding it to my Links page. You know, when I'm not feeling lazy.

Don't forget to take a glance at TehQueen's fanart too, if you haven't already. It's gorgeous.

I'm rather fond of the next page (though this one's nice too ;) ). Yeah, I have all my pages drawn out months ahead of time. It's the coloring that always takes so long. Ah, well. It's either that, or back to three days a week, but really low quality. Stupid school.

Finally, please feel free to send me a message in the Saybox up and to the left
(Marvel at my subtlety! Marvel! *shakes fist*) I really do appreciate knowing when someone stops by for more than a fleeting glimpse. ^_^

Transmission Date: 01-22-2006

I love you guys. ^.^ I checked my inbox today, and lo and behold! Fanart! It's indescribably cool every time I get anything from someone who reads this comic. When I started this up, I figured no one would read the thing, much less enjoy it. Thanks so much for your support. : D

The piece itself is a gorgeous drawing done by Teh Queen. She made Puma into quite the bishonen, I must admit. ; )

Transmission Date: 01-20-2006

Anyone remember this guy? It's Thomas! That's right: that whole deal with Kage and Magnus actually had a point! Plot! :)

For the past week or two, I'd been wondering why I only update once a week. Then this page reminded me. It took me three hours alone to color the damn thing, after one takes into account the drawing process. Let's just say that if I could do more, I would.

But hey, know what makes it all better? Fanart! Michael K. from "Of My Father's Blood" tried his hand at Neko. It's cool to see other comic artists even looking at this sort of thing, much less when they're male. ;) Also, anyone who likes angst and drama (and you'd have to to read this comic) should check out "Of My Father's Blood". It's still young yet, but shows good promise.

Transmission Date: 01-09-2006

And I've finally got something up in the Database! It took half past "too long" and just short of "I need caffeine!" but it's up. I've got a timeline and a short history briefing going on. After all, it's nice to know what has happened in those 330-odd years between now and when O:N takes place.

Transmission Date: 01-08-2006

I've finally updated my links page, complete with my own banners. Now it looks much niftier, so be my guest and check it out.

I've also fixed some typos hanging around the profiles page (which I swear to update with new pictures eventually) and updated the archives to chapter 2. I don't know why. I guess I just felt like I was neglecting O:N. I was, but that's hardly the point. ^_^

Transmission Date: 12-09-2005

I've been a bad girl, leaving you all hanging like this. No rants for a month and a half? Ridiculous! We're back to the normal group now. I know it's complicated. I have a tendancy to add too many characters too quickly. This is all for now.

And now: what really prompted this rant: fanart! Wp over at M-theory did a piccy of Magnus. It made me feel all fuzzy inside.

Transmission Date: 10-20-2005

All right. The big announcement is the schedule change. I'm now operating on Fridays only, but I'll be throwing some color in to try to make up for it. I lasted 2 months without missing an update, and then college happened. Well, I'm sorry, and I'm a very bad person, but I value my sanity dearly. Stupid sanity.

Transmission Date: 09-26-2005

This is the part where it gets confusing (read: needlessly complicated). I'm about to throw a whole compendium of new characters at you. I promise, this is the last time I'll do this for a while. Really. This is another faction that might be counted as the "bad guys," even though... well... it's complicated. I'll update the "archives" and "profiles" sections once I get a spare moment. Bear with me? Please? Pretty please?

It's a miracle that I got this one up in time, to tell the truth. It took me FOUR HOURS to color (I hate drawing backgrounds). My updates are still in grave danger of lagging, so don't be surprised if I can't finish the next one by Wednesday (though the powers that be sure know I'll try). I love you guys that read this. (Vort and Psycholeopard in particular. Even though I know you both personally, it makes me feel all loved and stuff that you're following this. ^_^ )

Transmission Date: 09-15-2005

Huzzah! I've recieved my first piece of fanart! It's a quick little sketch done by Ryuko of The Green Avenger. I've posted it in the "Gallery" section, or you can check it out here.

Second, I'd like to say that I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK. Judging by my shoutbox above, traffic to my site is very slow. Now would be an excellent time to post. Ask a question. I'll gladly answer it. Say that it's horrible, or that it's wierd. At least I know someone's here. Just say "hi." whatever you want, really.

And, finally, I need to give you a heads up. My buffer zone is running very low right now, so there's a good chance updates might lag for a while. College is taking up most of my time, unfotunately, so I don't get the time on Photoshop I need to color the things. I won't give up on it, though! I've got a good 60 pages drawn out. I just need to find time to color them!

Transmission Date: 08-30-2005

The Prologue is finally finished. That's right: this was just the Prologue. Now, we'll be moving into an actual storyline.

Transmission Date: 08-01-2005

My name is Sparrow, and I will be your webmaster. Come with me and enter into a land of magic and wonder...

No, that's not right...

Enter into a world of violence and gratuitous bloodshed.

Much better.

And angst. Lots and lots of angst.